Neuroblastoma survivors in their 20's and 30's

Aquagirl18 Member Posts: 45

Hi everyone I am just curious to know if there are any survivors of Neuroblastoma here that have had chemo,radiation, surgery or combination of any 2-3.  I currently don't know any other survivors of NB so I thought I'd do a survey. While every one is different and their dignosis and treatments are as well I have been wondering if I have been alone all this time.   I am pretty sure there are others out there but I have either found and lost contact with them or not found anyone at all.  Also hopefully we can all be of support to one another as well.

Please answer the following and add further details if you'd like

Name or name you use on CSN- Cait

Diagnosis and age you were diagnosed-13 months

Are you in remission? Yes

When were you told you were cured? 1981 or 82

Treatments-chemo abdoment,radiation to abdomen and skull, and surgery-adreanal gland and one kidney

Later in 2007 or so had a Swanoma tumor in lower back and surgery to remove

Side effects from treatments- Mainly Cardiomyopathy, Scoliosis, weak immune system, and high sensivity to hot and cold temps.