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Hi All,

My dad is 96, always in good health until he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  He decided not to have treatment, but recently a doctor ordered homones injections and it seems that seems turned for the worse.  I am writing because my father is in Venezuela, where currently the country is going thorugh horrible tumult and there is very little support.  Because we all know that this is the end for my dad, we do not know what to expect.  I want to become that support for all my family and beging telling them what is next.  My dad is a wonderful guy full of life and every one loves him.  How a person with prostate cancer dies?  Will he be in pain?  What can we do to make him feel better?  If anyone out there can help, I would be very thankful.  Thank you!!



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    I am sorry for the news. I wonder what may have been the reason for starting the hormonal therapy at his age and against his will. This is of bad sense in particular if the patient has metastases in the spinal bone. What types of tests were done to diagnose the cancer? Any image study or bone scans?

    Agonist injections cause an initial “flare” in cancer activity that can lead to catastrophic outcomes if not done post administration of antiandrogenes. I hope your dad has by now recuperated and that he has managed to return to previous status and enjoying this last chapter of his life.

    Patients of prostate cancer usually die with pain. At the end period of one’s fight all therapies focus quality living with regards in relieving pain. Traditional medicines like morphine start losing the effect and some look for medication out of the usual like marijuana. I would recommend you to listen to his wishes and suggest something you know he would feel better.

    This is a difficult time for your family. You are doing your best and surely he is grateful for your support.

    Best wishes.