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With my aunts diagnosis of cancer, we ran across Atavistic Oncology : or

They are doing amazing things to help.  We have been very impressed with Dr Arguello.  Has anybody else had a success story with them?




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    No and I have to say I was

    No and I have to say I was unimpressed with the site. It reeks of quackery: no clinical studies, wacky theories but little description of therapies, phony appearing photographs and results based on testimonials, not science. He appears to be selling the usual "quick fix."  I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. 

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    I have agree with CC.  There

    I have agree with CC.  There are MANY 'ideas' out there with no legitament documentation/studies/rsearch over years. (I did not watch the entire video - I quit when it was said that it'd  been done for 2 yrs.)  Some of us are old enough to remember the claims of Laetrile as the 'cure' for all cancers years ago  - wrong!  Sounds like 'Snake Oil' to me.

    What is your 'Aunt's' CA DX?  Type/stage/etc. - different TX and prognosis.  What TX is being suggested?


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    too much crap for me to weed

    too much crap for me to weed through to find the message. i agree with CC and Rague to much hype and not enough proof of scientific study. if i have to search and and watch a video for stuff, forget it. i want to see the proof of the pudding right out front in black and white, not some hairy guy.

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    Hi Alana.

    It sounds like you are quite familiar with this Dr. Arguello.  Does your aunt travel back and forth to Mexico for treatments, or does hé also.set.up shop in thé US?  Is this medicine approved by the FDA?  And, finally what is the cost for 1 year treatment?

    I am interested in learning more about it, especially if it is being marketed as chemotherapy, yet, is non-toxic.  I read the link, however, I was unable to find any of these answers online.  Most I could find is that his clinic is in Cabo, yet, the picture that you click on to see current cases led me to believe that hé is affiliated with thé Sloan Kettering Medical Center.

    Looking forward to learning more about this treatment.


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    New Thinking on Cancer?

    In response to Alana, I took a look at the websites she referenced. I happen to be doing some research myself on different approaches to cancer. I am not yet deeply familiar with this notion of atavistic oncology, but here’s what I think based on a cursory look over the materials:

    I think what I do like from what I’ve read so far is that this Arguello fellow appears to be taking a new and possibly innovative approach to the cancer issue in general. I at least find that very refreshing. Part of what spurs my own interest in cancer treatment stems from my mother’s encounter with breast cancer. For her, it was caught very early on and solved through surgery (double mastectomy), and she has remained cancer-free ever since (it’s been at least five years). But when she was diagnosed and I started looking around at all the information about cancer, what especially saddened (actually, angered) me was how little progress has been made in effective treatment for Stage 4 cancers.

    If the traditional thinking about cancer has not produced effective treatments for patients in the late stages, it makes me wonder if perhaps some really new, fresh thinking is needed. So what I do find useful and worthy of further consideration from websites that Alana referenced were the ideas that traditional thinking might be wrong about something as fundamental as what cancer is. Dr. Arguello seems to be saying that cancer cells have somehow reverted back to states from earlier in our evolution, making the cells not so much “sick” cells as cells behaving more like they are “remembering” when they were single-celled organisms like bacteria, fungi, protozoa, amoebas and so forth. The treatment implication is that it may be possible to treat even late-stage cancers with relatively common drugs like anti-bacterials, anti-fungals and anti-parasitics. It’s a fascinating idea that I plan to look into further.

    I’ll be sure to post anything useful that I find here! – Sherman Morrison


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    Worth Exploring Further

    Since my last post where I had mentioned exploring this Atavistic Oncology treatment, I've spent some additional time going through the website. The more I read about it the more sense it is making to me. Dr. Arguello is definitely onto something with his atavistic approach. He's using common, already-approved drugs that aren't typically used in cancer treatments, but that a number of researchers are in fact exploring -- anti-fungal drugs, anti-bacterial drugs and others. His innovative approach seems to be getting good results, and this is especially important to know about as many of his successful treatments have been on patients in Stage IV. I would especially want to highlight the section of his website that shows before/after photos of patients he has treated. These are difficult photos to look at because the patients were all pretty far along with serious cancers, but they've also all recovered, which is amazing. I would ask anyone who might be interested in a new late-stage cancer treatment to take a look at the results Dr. Arguello is getting with his new approach. The patient photos may be seen at

    My best wishes go out to all of you who are struggling with Stage IV breast cancer, and I hope this new method of treatment is one you will take a bit of time to explore further to see if it might be an option for you.


    Sherman Morrison