late effects of cancer treatment

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Almost four years out from his successful cancer treatment, Jim had a (minor) setback last weekend.  Although happily ensconced at home again, last Sunday they strapped a DNR bracelet on his wrist.

Jim has developed anaplastic anemia subtype pancytopenia as a result of his chemotherapy and radiation.  This is otherwise known as bone marrow failure - none of the three components produced in his bone marrow are being being produced at a normal rate.  This led to extreme fatigue and loss of appetite directly causing a drop in his sodium.  He was considered non-responsive for 18 hours. Once they got the sodium level up, he was much improved.  In the hospital for a week, we now know where there is no cancer because of the extensive testing done.  

Right now he is sleeping peacefully in his own bed with me regularly hovering over him to make sure he is still okay.

We'll see the hemotologist soon although monitoring his CBC is likely all that will be done for now unless there is a radical drop in one of the three components.

All this has left me more than slightly rattled: has anyone seen my car keys?  Or even my purse?


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    Oh no!!

    How incredibly scary for you!!  This is a new "late effect" that I haven't heard of.....I'm glad to hear he's home now, and feeling better....Sending prayers they can manage the blood/bone marrow problem in some way....


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    damn, do the side effects

    damn, do the side effects ever stop??!!!  i'm so sorry to hear this.  i'm glad he is home now with his family.  i know he has to feel better being home.  i think i saw your purse on the table next to the  hang in there.  praying for you all.

    God bless you,


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    So sorry to hear this.

    So sorry to hear this. Praying for  strength and healing.


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    Truely sorry

    Truely sorry, you'll be in my thoughts and prayers.