2.2 cm "nodule" on R Kidney, lower left Flank pain

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I am new to this board and hoping for some support (I'm scared senseless right now).

I am a 34 y/o who went to the ER in January with abdominal pain and lower flank pain. I had an US done and xrays of my abdomen and was referred to a OBGYN to have cysts and polyps on my ovaries and uterus checked out. I had exploratory laprascopy done in February and was told that I have adenomyosis and severe endometriosis and would need a hysterectomy soon. NO ONE mentioned seeing a spot on my kidney. Now fast forward to April, I was referred to a Gastro specialist for continued acid reflux and stomach issues. Last Weds I had an US done on my abdomen and a HIDA scan to check my gallbladder (which also has to come out because its only working at 34%) and the radiologist told my Gastro to refer me for a CT scan because I had a "nodule" on my Right kidney. So at 6:30pm this past Tues night I get a call from my Gastro Dr and he leaves a message that I need to call his office 1st thing Monday to have a CT scheduled. 10 min later he called back again (this time I answered) and he said "we're not going to freak out til we know what we're dealing with Ok?". Needless to say Im freaked out. I requested a copy of my US and the report says I have a 1x2.2 cm Hypoechoic nodule on my R kidney, they suggest follow up CT & MRI asap and possible clinical referral (?). I'm assuming maybe that the gastro dr may need to refer me to a kidney dr or urologist? I have my CT scan in about 1.5hours. Im a nervous wreck! My family has a VERY strong history of cancer. My mom has had squamous cell carcinoma, my maternal grandma died of Ovarian Cancer (after 2 bouts of breat cancer), my maternal grandpa died of stomach cancer, my twin sister is a Bladder & cervical cancer survivor. Two Aunts (on my moms side) have died of lung cancer. I have a bad gut feeling (especially since no one mentioned a mass on any reports in Jan). Has anyone had similiar problems? How long will I have to wait for CT results?


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    This is the first time I have seen the term Hypoechoiis nodule. A little googling suggests it could be Kidney stones or a cyst.

    A CT is usually pretty definitive. If it is Cancer it is very small and should be cured by surgery alone, but you are not there yet.

    In any event even with the worst  case scenerio of Kidney Cancer your prognosis is excellent. All of us on this board have been diagnosed with Kidney Cancer and have had the surgery. Mine was 12 years ago and I am doing fine. Hopefully yours will be something less as far as the diagnosis..



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    We are here

    We are all very scared when we face the unknown, especially when you throw the word cancer into the mix.

    IF you do have kidney cancer, what Iceman is trying to say is that at such a small size, an detected so early, a simple surgery will cure kidney cancer and the only required treatment Is surgery. Living on one kidney is not a problem, and you are very lucky that this issue (if it is cancer) was detected so early.

    At this point, the more you worry, the worse you will feel. Taking the first step to find out what is going on is a step in the right direction. Do not get to far down the path of worry. Nothing good comes from worry.

    Please keep everyone posted, hope you have great, accurate results soon!