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Wondering iF anyone has heard of or done 'Rabbit Agility'?  I just heard of it this past weekend.

It apparently is basically the same as Dog Agility except your bunny does it.  They 'run' a pattern of jumps, tunnel, weave poles, etc. that is timed and done off leash - like Dog Agility.

Buggsy already walks nice on a leash so thought this might be something to try with him that would be fun for both of us.  BUT I have to learn so I can teach him.  He's still young, got him last Aug at the Fair after Funday died (he was at least 10 as he was a rescue that had been dumped off in a cage at the barn.).

Anywho - any thoughts/help?


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    I have had rabbits all my

    I have had rabbits all my life...but only when I was a child did i have them on leash etc..so NO clue on training them.

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    I honestly have no idea. Our

    I honestly have no idea. Our daughter adopted a rabbit, Bunnyman, when an ex boyfriend wanted to get rid of him. He had a stroke and had to be euthanized last year, but he was 12! He loved the herbs from my garden and he had a wicked sweet tooth. He didn't have a cage, but hopped freely in her living area-which wasn't far because he only liked hopping on her area rug. He hated her laminate flooring... Lol.  He loved lounging in the sun and nose pets. Rip Bunnyman. I still miss him. Good luck with your training. I am thoroughly convinced that that diabolical bunny trained us! 

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    There is information on

    There is information on youtube.com about rabbit agility. I watched some videos and it is as interesting as dog agility is!