Dad has colon cancer


Hey everyone,

i need help my dad has a rare diseSe called puertz jegher sydrone. he had surgery to take out polyps in September. While theybwere in there they found a cancerous polyp at the start of the intestine were Ur stomach and Inotes fine meet. It was stage three the do. Was 95% sure he got all of it out. They then started him on chemo in January of this year 2014. He had 2 treatmnets where he went to the hospital for a day they put a bag of chemo stuff in him the. Took pills for 12 days. That made him have extreme diaherra so they had to stop that. He then had 2 more treatments of a different kind of mixture which maxe him get sores in his month. He got what they thought was a herneation on his stomach where his belly button is. They operated on it today 4/29/14 and the doc thinks it's cancer 95% sure it is he could not get all of it out because they could not leave a void in his stomach. So now they are waiting to get the result of it was. Do u guys know does this mean chemo is not working? Does this mean he is going to keep having cancer? i don't want my dad to die pls help


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    So sorry

    So sorry that you needed to find CSN.  You might check out the colorectal board, they are much more active than this board.  Best wishes to you and your family.  Thank you for being proactive for your dad.