Saying Hi


Hi everyone. Sorry I have been out for such a long time. I felt like I needed to rest myself from feeling all depressed and worrying. I hope everyone is doing well or just fine would be at least good for me to hear. My mom is doing fine. Neuropathy is her biggest enemy right now. I hope there is something that I can do to take that away from her. I am so not used to seeing her walk slowly and being extra careful for the things that she hold. I have to praise her as she is doing her best to fight. God bless you all. 




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    Dear Kristine,

    I'm glad that mom is doing fine. She is blessed to have a caring daughter like you. Yes, side effects can be bad. I experience them myself. I'm not 50 yet and sometimes I move like an old man. Well, as long as we don't think of this as tragic, life is great. There are a thousand good things in this world for every bad. Let's is have the wisdom and capacity to concentrate on those.

    Wishing your entire family the very best.


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    A new normal

    I still have neuropathy after eleven months out from the Oxaliplatin (still not convinced that the 5FU caused the worst of it) and I'm getting used to it. I call it my new normal, that way, if it goes away I'm fine, if it stays, I'm fine. 

    Those first few months were rather frustrating though. I'm a walker, especially when I go home to England. I walk, walk, walk. It hurt me to think that I would not be able to walk like that again. Time went by, and sure enough, I got used to the idea that this was my new normal. I can live with it, just so long as I can LIVE.  Things are improving little by little, so your mum will pobably get better too. 

    Your mum sounds like a real fighter, and I'm sure she is so happy to have you by her side. 

    Its good to see you back, and get the update on your mum. 

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    Hi Kristine. I'm glad you

    Hi Kristine. I'm glad you took a break worry never helps us. As far as your mom moving slow that's a good thing. I say this because we tend to over do things in life and when you're sick slow can be better. It forces you to rest and heal. As for the touching it's a pain in the neck and gloves are very helpful as are socks on the feet. I'm now one year out of treatment and I can touch cold things. I still have to wear light gloves if it's chilly out. Although I'm not as fast as I used to be yet, I am definitely able to move fairly quickly. She'll get her zest back, it's good for now to rest. Good that she has you to help her.