NPC and still alive

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Like most of you I use to be afraid what if my C comes back but after having NPC 3 times I now just put my life in the hands of my Lord and friend Jesus. My first treatment was in late 2002 to Jan of 2003, then again a second time in Feb 2004. After my second radiation and chemo it just about left me dead but God gave my loving caregiver wife what I needed to get me back in health again. Only to find in March 2006 that my NPC was back one more time. But this time God told the cancer to stay and do nothing, I am still here 2014 and I got to see all my grandchildren come into the world and to be a part of their life’s. I am not sure how much longer I have but I will keep on going as long as my Lord has need of me.


God Bless you all

Tim Hondo