Nodules in groin

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I can feel a small nodule in my high groin.  Can anyone else feel this?


  • lp1964
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    Dear Friend,

    Hopefully it's nothing but definetly have it checked.

    good luck,


  • eihtak
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    I am 3 yrs post treatment and did have lymph nodes involved in my diagnosis. I think it was at about the 2, maybe a little more mark, that one night if I pressed real hard I thought I may have felt something. The next month I had a scan and for the weeks leading up, it was as though sometimes I could feel it and sometimes not?????? My scan came back clear as did the following one and my doctor did not feel anything unusual. I no longer do either, so it remains a mystery. He said that maybe it was a bit of inflamation related to a cold/virus, but really didn't know.

    I certainly hope that what ever you are feeling is a non-issueas well, but please do not ignore it for long and keep us posted.


  • z
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    I have had enlarged lympnodes in my groin, about 20 years ago.  I think I had an infection.  Our lymph nodes also enlarge for reasons other than cancer.  I would also have it checked.  I wish you well. Lori