Linitis plastica cancer with metastasis in bones

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First of all I am wishing to all the members here to get well and to be free of cancer.

Two months ago my husband (age 50) was diagnosticated with linitis plastica with metastasis in the bones.  He had an history of Helicobacter pylori that he didn't treat it one and a half year ago.

He started chemoterapy EOX ( epirubicin, oxalaplatin, Xeloda) every 3 weeks and biophosphonates for the bones (XGeva or Denusomab). I have some questions: the cancer is because he didn't treat the helicobacter, the chemotherapy is effective to this kind of cancer, what is the survivial rate for this cancer, an operation will help in this kind of cancer?

We are living in Israel but I am ready to hear about other kinds of treatments abroad.

Thanks a lot