Mom diagnosed 11/13. Hospice was called in

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My mom is 59 years young. She was diagnosed with PPC November this year. She had her chemotherapy treatments at Memorial Sloan Kettering. They did 4 rounds of carbo/taxol 1 round carbo/taxol/Avastin and one treatment of Doxyl. CT scan showed peritoneal thickening had slight thinning happening and the tumor has slightly decreased in size. In the interim mom had such bad vomiting they put in a GI PEG tube to help. It has helped a lot but caused other issues. CA 125 was down to 45. Because mom became bedridden and swollen from inability to eat her oncologist stopped all treatment. He did give her a Lupron shot and said he will every month. 

We would like to get a second opinion. Can they really give up this quickly on her? 4 months! 

I would also like to add she had Stage 1B cervical cancer in 1999 that was treated via surgery and radiation. she was in remission ever since. But because of previous radiation surgery was not an option this time around. 


Any advice is welcomed. We are all distraught. We feel so helpless just watching her deteriorate. 


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    So does that mean she is on break from chemo?  Surgery wasn't an option when she was first diagnosed?  My mom had debulking surgery when she was diagnosed.  She had the hysterectomy earlier when she had uterine cancer.  My mom was stage 3c PPC.  

    I wish you alot of luck with your mom.  I know it isn't easy but your support means the world to her.  

    My mom was also treated at Sloan Kettering.  A second opinion is a good idea.  

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    Wish I could help.

    So sorry to hear about your mom. I was diagnosed with PPC in July 2012, so you are right to think that maybe she could do better. From what I understand, PPC survival times can be highly variable. I've always thought that Memorial Sloan-Kettering was the gold standard in cancer treatment, but I think a 2nd opinion is always a good idea, if only for some perspective. I finally sought a 2nd opinion a few months ago, not because I was unhappy with my care but because I finally realized the value of another view. Wish I could offer some useful advice. Please know all good wishes are with your mom & you.