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awesome!  Just more proof that the odds can be beat despite what others have said and done. If they can do it, then we all can win too.


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    Conneticut vibes

    And yes Yale made it to the final game as well last week in the CIT tournement. Although they may have lost in the end they put up a good fight and got further than most expecteded them to go. I understand they also have some pretty good fighters among their RCC survivors.




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    GO KENTUCKY!!!!!!!

    Just a little fun time.  But I am trying to cheerlead some for those wildcats and the Big BLue Nation LOL!!!!  GOOD Luck yo  u also Fox

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    Whoo hoo! Go huskies! 

    Whoo hoo! Go huskies! 

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    I stick to baseball....

    As kidney cancer survivors, I think we can all root against the Mets.