Alternatives to RAI?

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I am a new mom and recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I am getting ready to have the left side of thryoid removed, the right side was previously removed before the cancer was confirmed. My baby is only 6 months old and th eonly night I have spent away from her was the night required to stay in the hospital after the removal of my right side of thryoid. I am now told I will most likely have to have RAI, which will require me to be isolated from my child for at least 3 days and then very limited contact for several days after that. I am a stay at home mom and primary caretaker of my child. Are there ANY alternatives to RAI? The thought of being away from my child is devestating me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • alapah
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    Nothing beats the potential of RAI to kill residual thyroid cancer. It is pretty much a silver bullet for most people. I know it seems rough to be separated but look at it this way - it is a small several day investment for a lifetime of being in contact. it isn't exactly a substitute, but could you skype a few times a day to be connected, hear each other, see each other, etc.? 

    My recommendation is to embrace the opportunity for RAI to do its work in giving you a bright future. You can do it!

    best to you