Books that have helped you during your Cancer, Chemo, Radiation and beyond.

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I have collected a few books to help me along my journey. All of them I am very happy with, which made me wonder what (if any) books you have purchased or read, that have helped you along your or your loved ones journey with Cancer. 

I have an excellent cookbook, 'Cooking with Foods that Fight Cancer' by Richard Beliveau, Ph,D. & Denis Gingras, Ph,D. which is all recipes and 'Foods to Fight Cancer' which is a companion book by the same authors which is filled with great information. 

At the moment I am reading 'Radical Remission' by Kelly A. Turner.  It looks like I may be heading back into the treatment stage, so I'm thinking its time to really buckle down on my eating and life habits. 

Knowledge is power, and we need to be empowered with knowledge. 



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    Good idea!

    For those whose cancer may cause them to need a temporary or a permenant ostomy, I highly recommend the following book.  It certainly made things easier for me.


    The Ostomy Book: Living Comfortably with Colostomies, Ileostomies, and Urostomies

    Barbara Dorr Mullen and Kerry Anne McGinn RN BSN OCN


    It was recommended by my ostomy nurse. It is an excellent source for the person just starting out. It was written by a mother who has an ostomy and her daughter who is an ostomy nurse. You may find it at your library, but definately on Amazon or perhaps at the local book store.



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    Interestingly I ...

    ...really didn't get into reading much about cancer, treatment, diet etc. everything I learned I learned it from you guys. I did not make a lot of changes since I was diagnosed. I was eating pretty healthy before. The only thing I should do more is exercise. Since I have colostomy, my biggest problem is gas and that will take some adjustment for my diet. Most things I like to eat I may have cut out. Lentils, beans, salads, fruits with skin etc. I take vitamins and supplements irregularly , but I was so tired during the chemo to take a handful of pills all the time. I'll get back to those.


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    It's Not About the Bike

    While people may have very strong and disparate views of Lance Armstrong, I found his book to be very inspirational when I was first diagnosed.  If one gets past the fact that he has quite the ego, there are some valuable and inspiring elements of his story.