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Has any female had spotting?  (I believe it's vaginal.)  I am 45 years old and have not had a period since right after beginning treatment for AC in Jan. 2013.  Last month and this month (about 30 days a part), I have one spot of dark brown blood. (Sorry if it's TMI)  Could my periods be returning?  My oncologist vaguely mentiong that they could come back shorty after I finished treatment.  I plan to discuss this with my rad. oncologist after my PET but I wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

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    I would seriously doubt that your periods will return.  My own experience has been a few episodes of spotting associated with the vaginal tablets I use--Vagifem.  Sometimes if I forget a dose (I use one twice weekly) I will have some spotting.  I have also had bleeding episodes associated with dilator use.  You definitely should ask your rad onc about it and see your gyno if there is something to be concerned about.  Sometimes vaginal bleeding can be an indicator of a health issue, other times it is completely benign.  I hope yours turns out to be the latter.

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    Hi, I am 55yrs old and 3yrs post treatment. I have had occasional spotting over the past few years and just a couple times more than a tinge. According to my doctors this is common and not of concern unless it becomes regular, often, or heavy. Keep in mind the scaring and inflamation our bodies now deal with and small abrasions can cause blood.

    I would though discuss this with your doctor as you said just to rule out any further concerns.

    I hope all is well.