2-year followup last week

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Hello everyone,

I don't sign on alot these days.  I had my 2-year followup exam, bnlood tests, and x-ray.  Thankfully NED from kidney cancer;-)!

I did have a short (hopefully) run in with skin cancer (melanoma) at the beginning of the year.  I had gone for a motorcycle ride the week before Thanksgiving last November.  Moving the bike out of the garage, it started to tip over and I caught it, wrenching my shoulder a little.  I went in to my PCP and she said I needed physical therapy.  While looking at my shoulder, she asked if I'd ever had dermatology look at a lesion on my shoulder.  I said no, everyone who has seen it over the last few years said that it was nothing.  To shorten the story, it turned out to be a Stage IA melanoma.  They removed it, so now I'm monitored by two Drs; every 3 months for dermatology and every 6 month by urology.  Better than the alternantives!

Anyways, I do check in periodically to see what it happening with everyone.



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    Congrats! and me too!

    Hi Ed,

    Just like you i don't sign on much anymore as I found myself focusing on the fact I had cancer rather than being cancer free. I very much admire and have much respect for the stonewalls of this forum who are here and ready to help all the unfortunate new comers as they helped me. Fox, TexasWedge(Rip), Iceman, Gary and others that are all awesome and forever a place in my heart for their words of encouragement and wisdom. I just left my oncologist's office to discuss my scans I had last week and I am NED! It has now been almost 27 months and I am feeling great. Trying to read the report from the CT scan and bloodwork is a little scary as it talks about all this stuff so I just have to trust the doctor when he says all clear. He also said my remaining kidney function is awesome. I think I will blow off the rest of the work day and go have some bubbly! I just want to say to everyone out there, newly diagnosed as well as long term members, always be positive, never let the word hope out of your mind and keep the faith. I am not sure where this is from to credit the author but this is on my office wall and I read it daily.

    " Hope reigns in my life today.

    My illness does not rule me.

    Daily I seek to acknowledge the physical, be positive in the mental, transcend the emotional, and anchor in the spiritual,

    Knowing that God's peace is my goal.

    Thank you Lord for today's blessings!"


    Bless you all and take care,



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    While I am not a motorcycle rider I have noticed over the years that a motocycle incident or accident has led to an unexpected RCC or other Cancer diagnosis. Think how many more cancers would be discovered early if everyone rode a bike. The Ortho guys would also see an uptic in business.