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Each person agrees to abide by CSN terms & conditions upon registering.  It is a violation of these T&C to advise or attempt to influence the views, beliefs, or decisions of other members with regard to their medical care, religion/faith, or politics. Venting about health care costs and sharing one's personal experience is certainly not a site violation. However, when venting turns into blaming certain political figures, parties, and/or population groups and a warning call for others to "do something before it is too late," it becomes troublesome. Religion and politics are deeply personal and highly emotionally charged topics that are sure to invite conflict and disrupt the community, but most certainly offend members with differing views. 

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    i disagree

    i think we should be able to vent in any way possible..... so what if we blame someone or a group for insurance problems.....i am definitely disappointed in what has happened to insurance .....i also hate that some major cancer hospitals are not allowed to help us..this info that i have has nothing to do with Maryb's input.......ignorance breeds ignorance..... it is better to be carefully informed of problems that could occur...... i , also,  do not think that religion or politics will hurt us nearly as much as this torturous treatment that we have been subjected to......all treatments are tough but this one is barbaric..... no one but the ones who have been there can relate......sooooooo......i am still disappointed because we are all seriously trying to help others.........sephie

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    Mary's comments have been mild in comparison to other members on the site. It seems understandable that we would have some of this based on people in the situation of not being able to pay for treatments.


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    Hi Greta - Thanks for the

    Hi Greta - Thanks for the explanation, and thank you for all the work you and other moderators do - probably in your spare time - to keep this forum going.

    May I suggest though (and I have no experience moderating forums or anything of the such, just making a suggestion) that a better approach might be to post a warning when a thread is becoming too politically charged rather than deleting it up front? Something such as 'this discussion is bordering on violating our terms and conditions - please refrain from affixing blame certain political figures, parties, and/or population groups or the thread will be deleted'.

    This gives people a chance to sit back and have the ability to rephrase their concerns without it feeling like unconditional censorship. Just a suggestion - I've seen it done this way on other forums and it seems to work well.

    Again, thanks for all you do.

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    I Agree With You

    Marynb should be contacting her representatives in Congress and the House to voice her concerns.  Voicing frustration here over a particular subject is one thing but when someone continuously pushes their agenda that is a whole different matter.