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    No Phantom parts that I know of.

    I cant speak of phantom parts, however waning confidence I understand.  My CT in February revealed a small cyst on my remaining kidney.   Somehow this was missed in September, when they were too busy looking at my 7cm tumor on my right kidney. It seems that it would be logical to take a close look at both kdneys, but apparently that didnt happen.  There was no change in size of the cyst in the left kidney between September and February.  It just worries me that if they missed the cyst on the other kidney what else might they have missed?  We have better technology but it is still applied by humans who are prone to error....they dont call it practicing medicine for nothing.


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    rae_rae said:


    My last CT was a month ago, and it was noted that I also had a uterus. I had a partial hysterectomy in 2009. I had a pelvic and trans vaginal ultrasound as a follow up to determine why I suddenly had a uterus. The pelvic also confirmed a uterus, but the TV ultrasound showed it to be a large nabothian cyst on my cervix. It is a little unsettling to be told you have an organ you had removed. All I could think was that it was a new tumor. I hope your phantom uterus is resolved soon!






    phantom uterus

    Hi Rae Rae,

    Until I read your post, I hadn't considered that what the radiologist is calling my uterus and appendix could actually be tumors of some sort.  Honestly, I just figured the error occurred during dictation.  My report was originally ammended because the radiologist failed to note on the 1.5cm splenule that was noted on a previous ct back in December.  I actually never saw the report until after it had been ammended, I can only assume the original report had the same findings tho. 

    I think I'll call the radiology department this morning to see if they can clear things up.  I hate to sound like a psycho patient but if I say nothing and it turns out to be something, then I can only blame myself.

    Jack, I get that these tests are performed and read by humans and certainly everybody makes mistakes, but, when 3 out of 4 ct's mention phantom parts, one of them being a a woman...there's a problem.  I think I'll take my docs advice and go somewhere else for my future scans.

    I hope your left kidney cyst remains unchanged.  One thing that has never been mentioned in any of my scans, is my left kidney.  One would think a lone kidney would be closely looked at, but that has not been the case with me.