Question Nerve sheath tumour from MRI of cervical spine?

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I have some queries about the report I've received from MRI scan as below:  (Queries listed at the end .... )
Multiplanar MRI of the cervical spine was performed using T1 & T2 weighted turbo spin echo and T2 weighted gradient echo sequences on 3 Telsa MR Scaner. Additional screening of entire spine was also performed. 

1) Normal curvature and alignment is maintained. 
2) A well defined lobulated dumb-bell shaped lesion is seen in left C7-D1 neural foramen and extraforaminal component. It measures approximately 2 x 3.3 x 2.1 cm. It appears isointense to spinal cord on T1 W images and hyperintense on T2 W images and shows intense homogenous contrast enhancement. It shows no perilesional edema / fat stranding. It causes widening of C7-D1 neural and reaches the left pedicle of C7 and scallops the posterolateral aspect of C7 vertebral body. It abuts the vertebral artery anteriorly. It shows minimal extension in the spinal canal on left and does not cause stenosis. It shows few dark foci within on gradient images due to hemorrhage / calcification. 
3) Mild disc bulge of C4-5 with posterolateral osteophytes causes mil canal and bilateral foraminal narrowing. 
4) C5-C6 disc indents the anterior subarachnoid space and shows left foraminal protrusion, associated with osteophytes and left facetal arthopathy causes moderate left foraminal narrowing. 
5) Focal right foraminal protrusion of C6-C7 disc is noted causing milk left foraminal narrowing. 
6) The cord is normal in signal and morphology. 
7) The craniovertebral junction is normal. 

Screening through rest of the spine: 
1) S1 vertebra is lumbarized 
2) Posterocentral protrusion at L2-L2 levels indents anterior thecal sac and causes mild central canal narrowing.

Conclusion Report contains: 
1) Lobulated dumbbell shaped lesion in left C7-D1 neural foramen with extraforaminal component as described is suggestive of nerve sheath tumour 
2) C5-C6 disc indents the anterior subarachnoid space and shows left foraminal protusion, associated with osteophytes and facetal arthopathy causes moderate left foraminal narrowing. 
3) Mild disc bulge of C4-5 disc with posterolateral osteophytes causes mild canal and bilateral foraminal narrowing.
4) Focal right foraminal protusion of C6-C7 disc causing mild left foraminal narrowing. 
5) High resolution MR was performed on 3 Tesla Scanner.

Questions ::: 
1) can anyone in medical field please explain the above lines to me ? 
2) My mother has pain in one of the nerves right arm from cervical area i.e. the shoulder till the wrist and hand. The pain is so much at times specially after she wakes up from sleep, that she can't sit straight. If the pain is in right, why is the report talking about left foraminal protusion etc.. all in the left side ? 
3) Can this problem be treated. She has diabetes so what type of treatments are recommended..

4) is this malingant tumour ?


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    Sorry, I can't offer any opinion but wondering if you might not find more help under "bone cancer" opposed to "head & neck". Maybe someone more educated in this area will chime in with answers for you. 

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