Japan now first to use oral Lonsurf (Tas-102)for mCRC that has seen standard treatment failures,


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    China is now studying fruquintinib (HMPL-013),

    while the Netherlands is using a combo approach to inhibit both MEK and EGFR/ERBB2

    and this may be of interest to someone



    latest on CRC/aspririn






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    Thanks, Steve. "Yes" to the 1/4 aspirin.  Taiho's new drug I had a "hmmmm, so so" reaction to their early results, side efffects for small gains.  Note, I am still most impressed with Taiho's UFT, commercialized in the 1980's as the nicest 5FU chemo, when used skillfully.

    The antibody drugs, to me are better lab creatures for all but the highest overexpressions.  I am interested in their initial lab result for inhibition to guide treatment with natural inhibitors, but would rather have corresponding test markers guiding natural inhibitors use.