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had a bout with lung and back of tounge cancer in 2011.In Jan. of this year DX with prostrate cancer 1 core @5% Gleason score 3-4 PSA

TURP procedure  done  Jan.19 Bladder stones removed and prostrate shaved. No biopsy of bladder PEP scan and CT scans are clean with no sign of tumors or cancer.The cancer in prostrate is high grade. They want to remove the bladder and prostrate and I am a little confused about no TNM score of bladder.The test showed a possible invasion of the bladder neck but unshure--doing another PEP scan and Ct scan this week. QUESTION: If the scans show NED then why are they removing the bladder. Thanks for any thoughts---ralph


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    High Grade?

    I a little confused as to a "high grade" with a G-7 and 1 of 12 cores pos. Second opinion time. If you are in the Phila area, see Dr. Eun at  Temple. D[au]) NOT (eun DW[au]) NOT (eun DK[au])



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    Look for Second opinions


    In your last thread you inquired about the timing of hormonal treatment before the start of radiation. Have you changed from the combo to TURP?

    PET and CT scans got limits in detecting cancer when this is small in size. The biopsy diagnosed your status but the decision on the treatment should be done taking into account other factors such as the age and other health problems. Maybe they have diagnosed you also with bladder cancer so that they want to treat all in one goal. Regarding the Gleason score, you did comment that it was Gs 8. Why is it now Gs 7?
    At your age of 79yo treatments may not be advisable. I recommend you to get a second opinion from other specialist before deciding on the treatment proposed by your present doctor.

    Here is the link to your previous thread;

    Best wishes