Oh, no. We've been robbed...

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I just tried to follow another longtimer's success story and hit a "Time Barrier".  I could no longer travel back in CSN before February, 2011 - it's gone. This is a disaster.  Thankfully I've already seen, learned and pondered from a lot of others' invaluable experience across 10-12 years these past four years. It really, really makes a difference to us.  And now I am po'd.  The CSN Search results have gotten worse, now this. WTF.  CSN needs to restore our past posts.

1.  Like most, I don't have a medical residency or oncology practice.  Our cumulative experience here is my experience base.  This is a large part of how I anticipate problems with my wife, see differences and options, decide what to research ahead, and deal with things when --it hits the fan.  Being able to look back ten years across all this varied experience, through the nooks and crannies, is very important - Life and Death.

2.  I've been invited to write a medical case history.  My wife is the most successful multiple, conglomerated para-aortic, etc. case for several experienced doctors.  They know we do things a little differently. Our first visit with my wife's second surgeon the next year after her surgery, he looked at us a little sadly when we walked in the door again. He relaxed and smiled a lot when he realized this was mostly a "well baby check".  Some of my notes and views then might only survive here.  One note book drowned, another was stolen, and I'm moving a fourth time soon, sometimes while not being there... 

3.  I miss people we can never share with again.  Sometimes the old posts seem like a visit with a long lost friend. 

Repeal the "Memory Hole".


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    Wow...that is just plain

    Wow...that is just plain nutty.  Why would they do that?   Think it's a glitch?  

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    Working on the site

    Hi all,

    I'm one of the moderators, and I wanted to let you know that we are currently doing some work on the site. Don't worry if you see some odd happenings during the next few weeks.



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