2 years (21cm tumor)

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It's been awhile since I've last been on here.  Life takes you all over and sometimes I forget about all this.  I have my two year follow up in a couple weeks and so far everything has been great.  Not sure if any of you remember, but I had a 21 cm tumor removed.  My lone kidney struggled for a little while to keep up, but has stabalized over the past year.  The first year I had all kinds of strange pains and I had a severe motivation issue in all aspects of life.  I've since rebounded and am working out in the gym and running again.  Work is finally starting to recover as well.  The past 6 months to a year, if I didn't see this giant scar, I would never know I ever had an issue.  Couple positive things that have happened because of this, my diet has improved and I've stopped filling my body with needless suppliments in the search to get bigger and stronger. Eating correctly can have just as good an impact!

I always get a little nervous going into my next set of scans (cancer runs in my family) but I have been feeling great and have no reason to feel down.  I'll get my scans done and then off to Mexico for a week on the beach!


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    Sounds Great!


         Sounds like you are doing great! Here's wishing everything goes great with your scans and you go to Mexico with a clean body and head full of fun on the beach!

                                                 Love and Prayers for good health!


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    Good to hear from you!!!

    I've wondered how you've been, sounds like you went through a bit of a rough patch, glad things have turned around, bad enough being a newly wed without all the RCC baggage.  Having a tumor that large and coming out clean is very rare and a good story for the newer members to hear.  Good luck on the scans, now and for many years to come, and keep smiling.