So far so good on Torisel...

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I haven't posted in a while so I thought I would share my progress -


A little background - I was diagnosed in January 2012 - I had a 14.5cm tumor in my left kidney.  It was removed and found to be chromophobe RCC.  At my 6 month post surgery scan nodules on my thyroid were found - thyroid cancer - unrelated, thyroid removed September of 2012.  One year scans found two bone lesions shoulder and pelvis - they were RCC. 

Chemo was the next step so I went through a 12 week cycle of Torisel once a week.  The doctor said there wasn't much conclusive data about drugs other than Torisel having an effect on the chromophobic subtype - but he found data on Torisel.

After 12 weeks scans showed good results - bone growth around the lesions.  So i went another 12 weeks - scanned again with good results!  During the second cycle they started the Zometa treatments - every 6 weeks.  I decided to go through a short round 3 - after four treatments the chemo "caught" me - and my creatinine level move up slightly - so they stopped treatment - a nice Christmas present!

At the end of January I went through scans again and there was no change - nothing new - so I'm still off the chemo.  The Doctor said no sense pumping in more of their "posion" if things appear stable.  I'm still getting the Zometa and have scans again in April.

I'm feeling pretty good.

I just wanted to share with all of you especially those with the chromophobic subtype.




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    good information and great results!!!