Can't get comfortable at night

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Anyone else have a hard time getting comfortable in bed at night?  My back hurts no matter how I try to lay.  Heck, I even dream about not being able to get comfortable and then wake up with more back pain.  It's not a pain like something wrong but like when you hurt your back lifting something.





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    That darn initiation



    Everything should be fine. It is normak to have different pains like this following the initiation. If you fell that their is something seriousky wrong or it still bothers you in a week call or see a doctor. So far sounds normak for the course.



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    Many have been more comfortable in a good recliner for the first week or so, and some have found hugging a large pillow helps. Percocept was all I needed.

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    Backs and necks

    I have also been having similar problems.   They do not appear to be directly connected with the RCC.  A few ideas.  First, consult an orthodepist.  In my case the source for the pain is the neck vertebrea, which narrow and pinch the nerve.  I feel it in my back even though the problem is in neck.  from what you describe, yours might be similar. If it is a neck problem, different sleeping positions can make it hurt MORE.  Need to experiment with sleeping on sides and raising head with pillows.

     If this is the problem, one can attack it at several different levels.  First, simple physiotherapy may be enough to stop the pain.  It strengthens muscles and improves blood flow to areas that the pinched nerve denies blood flow to.   This can end the problem and you will feel better with better muscle tone.  Peppier.

    Other approach is with medical massages to the painful areas, which can relax cramped muscles and improve blood flow.  

    More extreme intervention could be called for if it gets bad enough and does not respond to these simpler approaches.  See an orthopedist, and then physiotherapist and make sure they know about any RCC you have.