Got my pathology report!!!

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Went in today to get my drain removed and my pathology report had just come through.  

Clear cell RCC

PT1a, pNX, grade two


I freaked out for a second before the doc had a chance to explain the report because it said I had a positive margin on the renal capsule.  Apparently, my tumor was poking out of the side of my kidney, so the "positive" margin was where he didn't actually do any cutting.  Final measurement of the invader was 2.2 cm


he apparently only had to take out like 3% of my kidney so I am nearly at full capacity in case it ever attempts to come back.  


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    Huge blessing, for sure. 

    Huge blessing, for sure. 

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    Sounds like...

    all good news to me, CONGRATS!!!

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    Congratulations!!!!  Great

    Congratulations!!!!  Great news!


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    That sounds like a good

    That sounds like a good report.

    I hope you are feeling well.

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    Sounds wonderful!

    Sounds wonderful! Congratulations!