Holistic or homeopathic treatment??

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My dad doesn't want any additional traditional treatment. He wants to try and control the growth of the tumor. Any suggestions or experience in the natural route? We are in the jackdonville florida area. 



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    Check out the hacres.com

    Check out the hacres.com website. It recommends high doeses of carrot juice and BarleyMax. They even have retreats that you can take to help transition to their diet. Jim was deemed untreatable 2 and 1/2 years ago. He did the carrot juice and BarleyMax for six months, then did just the BarleyMax until 3 weeks ago. He is now in Hospice but out lived all the doctors stated life spans. He has been on a PEG tube and Jevity for three years. I think if he could have followed the diet 100% and would have continued the carrot juice he may have beaten the cancer or at least lived longer. As it was the BarleyMax kept him pain free and active for 3 years. Also see if your library has "The Complete Cancer Cleanse" by Cherie and John Calbom and Michael Mahaffey. I ended up buying the book. I pray your father will beat the odds.


    P.S. We were in the Jax area when Jim was diagnosed but moved to the Daytona Beach area to be near family after diagnosed.


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    adjuvant treatment

    Ruben's tonsilar cancer, with stage 4 mets, was treated with traditional 'Western' medicine (chemo and radiation). BUT, we also used many homeopathic suggestions as well during his treatment. 

    Look up alkaline foods, use alkaline water. Cancer can only live in an acidic environment, so if you change the bodies pH to alkaline, it MAY help to stop it's growth. Google 'cancer foods', and you'll be amazed at what comes up. We both drink mainly alkaline water (very expensive... but we feel is well worth it), with a pH of 9.5. There are several brands, one is 'Essentia', another is 'Eternal', and I believe 'Smart Water' is also alkaline. 

    I'm sure there are many other suggestions people will give, that's what's so wonderful about this forum! The water is one of the easiest and quickest alternatives/adjuvants.

    P.S.  Ruben's team of physicians were all for homeopathic's as adjuvants, but not in place of Western medicine. We went with their recommendations. I say, darned if you do, darned if you don't. Any treatment is better than no treatment. AND PRAYER.... we truly believe none of the treatments would have been successful without so many prayers being said on Ruben's behalf.

    Best wishes, and prayers coming your way.


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    Thank you both for your feed

    Thank you both for your feed back. God bless you and your families! I will definitely look into both:)

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    I just finished reading The Billy Best Story - Beating Cancer with Alternative Medicine.  I remember hearing about Billy Best in the news when it was going on in the 90's so I was interested in reading his story.  I have read about a lot of alternative methods but had not heard of either of these methods that he used - Essiac Tea and 714X.  Very interesting and a good read.


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    What My Friend Did

    Hi AJG.

    I cannot speak from experience, but I will share with you what my friend did.  J. Michael Machacek was diagnosed with stage 4 bladder cancer.  He was given a 3 - 6 months to live.  He refused traditional treatments at that time and his wife took to the internet to find out about how diet can help save your life.  She discovered 5 "miracle" foods.  Following is a recent FB post of his.  All I can say is, Mike was close to death.  He started eating these foods daily, and his tumor/cancer cleared completely away!  The doctors called his case a miracle.  Of course, I cannot say this will work for everyone, but I swear to you, it worked for Mike.  So, for your information:


    When I was given a 3 to 6 month death sentence is when my wife Carol went to work! She searched the net from China to Brazil and in between. Her question was, cancer fighting foods? She got back answers in their native tongue and had them translated to English. Of the 10 or so countries 6 of them totally agreed on exactly the same 5 and in the same order, and here they are.

    1. Asparagus (try to consume 2 oz. everyday, yes everyday!) fresh, frozen, pureed or canned.)

    2. Broccoli (reg serving)

    3. Sweet potatoes (reg serving)

    4. Brussel sprouts (reg serving)

    5. cranberries (reg serving)

    Just try to consume 1 serving of 2 thru 5 with your meal but always some form of asparagus always! I hate Brussel Sprouts and don't like sweet potatoes either but I think about their importance and boom, their down!

    She and I also did a study on Vit D3 and have since realized of how important that little Vit is. It does 2 major things, Vit D3 wakes up your immune system to fight sickness and dreaded disease and most recently Doctors agree that it also fights cancer cells! Check out my latest blog where I show that video link. Women should take about 2000 units, men 1500.

    I'm not a God freak or religious fanatic but I do pray every night for this fight against cancer (again see my other blogs)

    I also firmly believe in Mind/Body/Healing (check blog again)

    And finally "A positive Mental Attitude" Get rid of feeling sorry and sulking over your condition (if you have a negative outlook)

    Remember it takes 60 to 90 days for the veggies and vitamins to enter all organs, blood, bones and good cells (what's 2 to 3 months?LOL)




    What may not be clear here, Mike told me he ate this food for every meal.  I have also read over and over again, that we should all stay away from sugar, as sugar is cancer's very best friend!

    Good luck, and God bless you on your journey.