Laz is NED!!!

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I just got my PET Scan result and it shows no cancer activity now anywhere, including that seminal vesicle that looked abnormal on the CT. So after almost 10 months os treatment and fear I'm considered NED. I'm very relieved.

Thank you so much for all of you. Could not do it without you. Wanna dedicate my happiness to those that are down and I pledge to stay here to support other as long as I can. I hope I never need you and I'll give you all I can.



  • pializ
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    So happy for you Laz! What wonderful news! 

    NED is a glorious achievement & I realise you have long term signs of cancer treatment,  but NED! Wonderful! 

    Now you, Mrs Laz & your daughter celebrate & enjoy each brand new day.

    I truly am thrilled for you all


  • mp327
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    Hi Laz!

    I am SO happy to read your great news and I congratulate you on getting NED in your corner!  This was most welcome news, as I just got off another website where I had to welcome a newbie who is just beginning this journey.  Now you can put your worries about the seminal vesicle aside and get back to living life with your beautiful bride!  I'm glad to know that you will be hanging around with the rest of us and I know you will give lots of great support to others.  God bless you, my friend, and know that I wish you NED forever!

  • jcruz
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    Congratulations!  It's always so heartening when someone posts the good news of being NED.  Take care.

  • eihtak
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    I'm so very happy to hear this wonderful news! I wish we were all close enough to celebrate these things together, but a cyber-celebration will have to do!

    The support we offer and receive from each other is a priceless gift, and am grateful to have this opportunity.

    Be well, and I wish you continued health!

  • Marynb
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    Great news!
    Laz, I am so happy for you and your family! You have had quite a year! Stay well and enjoy the gift of life!
  • sandysp
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    You have been an inspiration

    You are another inspiration on this board. Congratulations.

    Rest when you need to. Your body has been through a lot. An unbelievable year for you is right! But it's behind you now. 

    Take good care with your checkups, etc. and watch your legs for swelling.



  • Gulamin
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    That is truly the best news anybody can ever get! Wonderful. Enjoy and many more NED's to come!