Surgery tomorrow 3/6/14



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    How are you feeling?

    How are you feeling?

    Feeling good, mostly just a

    Feeling good, mostly just a little tired from the pain pills.  I have pretty much switched to ibuprofen except for right before bedtime.   Had a random 60 degree day here in ohio today so I was able to go outside and walk around a bit.  



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    GSRon said:

    Sometimes not.. my body was

    Sometimes not.. my body was working the second day after surgery...  I thought I was ready on day one and they brought me a bed pan... just lots of gas.  Day two, I said NO to the bed pan, get me up.. they brought me a portable commode, and I promptly filled it up..!  They all cheered.. geesh..  They did give me a stool softener but I think that was precautionary..  all was well in that area...  Maybe because I did not have the epidural..?  Don't know, but if that is a benefit, I would do it again.. just had the button and the booster shot of drugs when needed.  Then again, we are all different...

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    for the details Ron.