Afinitor success?

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Been on Afinitor since 13 Dec 2013.

First 8 week CT check show halting of spread, with slight tumor shrinkage.

Return on April 2nd for next CT check.

Reason for Afinitor was reoccurred cancer at origional tumor site after partial done back in May 1013, together with metastasis up my side, in a cluster,  as well as met on dome of liver. No surgery option.

Anyone have any long or short term success with Afinitor?


  • a_oaklee
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    yes, some success

    My husband took Affinitor for about 6 months.  It was successful in shrinking the bone mets.  However, the primary tumor in his kidney was growing so they stopped the Affinitor.  Because the Affinitor was effective on the mets, we went to a different medical center that was willing to remove his primary tumor in his kidney.  After his nephrectomy, they started him on Inlyta.  Which is very successful.  He now has no evidence of metastatic disease.  They have told us that it's possible that we could go back on Affinitor if the need arises.

    I'm happy for you that the scan showed shrinkage!  I imagine your next scan will produce the same results.