Anyone else that was diagnosed with TNBC stage 3

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I would love to talk to others that are going through what I am.


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    Nov 2009 I was diagnosed with

    Nov 2009 I was diagnosed with TNBC, stage 3.  Went thru 21 rounds of chemo and had a double mastecomty with no reconstruction.  Doing fine now other than I still have not gotten back my stamina so I still tire easily.  What would you like to talk about?

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    TNBC and Me

    I was diagnosed with TNBC (Stage IIa) in Dec. 2009. I had a rt. mastectomy in Feb. 2010, had a port put in and then had 4 rounds of A/C chemo and 12 rounds of Taxotere. No radiation. I had 2 separate reconstruction surgeries as well as a shoulder surgery due to "frozen shoulder." I have been in remission ever since. Like SweetVicKid asked, what do you want to talk about? There are a number of ladies on this site who have/had TNBC and we could all be much more helpful if you could let us know more about where you are in this journey. Have you had any chemo? Surgery? Radiation? Do you want to know about side effects we've experienced? How we dealt with it mentally? How our families dealt with it? Working during treatment? We have SO much to offer. Please come back. I am sorry any of us have to be here though. 


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    I had Stage 1 triple negative the first time, in 2008.  I had a single mastectomy, nothing else.  It came back under my mastectomy scar in 2010, stage 3C.  This time I had chemo (4 A/C, 4 Taxol, dose dense -every 2 weeks), then more surgery, then radiation.  I'd be glad to answer any questions you may have.



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    I was diagnosed with TNBC April 2012. Had double mastectomy in May 2012, started 16 rounds of chemo in June 2012. Have been doing well since. Is there anything specific you would like to know or share? Sometimes you don't know what to say or ask. 

    It is very numbing to get a diagnosis of cancer. Be sure to find doctors that you trust and feel comfortable with. Chemo for TNBC is generally the same for all of us. I experienced hair loss just after my second dose of AC. With that you may receive a shot the day after chemo infusion of Neulasta (not sure if I spelled that correctly). Neulasta made me a little achy for about 2 days. My sense of taste changed during chemo, my appetite was up and down. I did not feel like myself, some days were better than others. I did everything I could to keep my life normal during this time. 

    After chemo things come back together, some slower than others, but they will come back. 

    Ask any questions or share any concern you might have. You will find friends here who have been where you are now.

    Prayers and hugs


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    I was diagnosed in May, 2013,

    I was diagnosed in May, 2013, I had a lumpectomy on July 5th. With 3 lymph nodes, removed. TBN stage 2. No cancer In The lymph nodes. Had 4 rounds of chemo Cytoxin and Docetaxel then 36 radiation treatments. Have been having good reports, PEt scan in Dec was good, will have another in July, will have a new baseline mammogram in June.  Any questions about anything will try to answer.


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    I am new to this as well

    I am not sure what you're going through Jo805 but I'm sure it's similar to what I am and whatever everyone diagnosed with TNBC has. I was DX in October 2013 with a 4.5-5.5cm tumor rt breast and at least 1 node that was huge. I have completed 12 rounds of Taxol with 3 rounds of carboplatin and 1 of 4 rounds of FEC after which I am to have a mastectomy right breast and 6 weeks of rads. I believe one of the differences for my case is that I had just moved to a new state 4 months before DX so I am pretty much alone in my journey with the exception of my 10 y/o son. I spend a lot of time on these sites reading all the encouraging stories from brave women who have gone through this storm before me and it is an inspiration for me.

    It's not that bad tho, some days are worse than others but I am fortunate that I haven't really experienced any of the side effects that I have read about with chemo. I was able to work up until this month then the fatigue got the best of me.

    So I am not one that can speak from experience but I am on this roller coaster with you and I just keep telling myself "one day at a time".