Another scare, another test


Went to see pcp last Monday, onco. said my potassium was too low, also my bp meds needed adjusted because bp too low.  Got there told her about this problem I've been having and that onco had me doing something to correct it - which was not working.  So, now I have to see gastro doc and have to have colonoscopy.  pcp wants to check for colon cancer.  Does it ever end?  I am trying to stay positive but it gets sooooo hard.


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    if you have had PET

    Sorry for your problems, If you recentely have had PET scsan it can be good enough to rule out colon cancer. if you have been undergoing Chemo, the coloscopy will be very difficult for you. Please check with your oncologist first before sign up for this procedure. I had low potassium twice, we just used potassium suplement and  potassium reach diet.

    Good luck with your tests