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I woke up one morning with severe back pain in my sacral region, bad enough I could barely walk, and blood in my stool.  It took me a few days to be seen.  I was checked for anything that could cause the problems seperately, but everything came back normal and clear.  The doctor said I show signs of Spinal Metastases extending from a tumor in my colon, but doesnt want to say 100% until I've had testing for it. This happened last Sep or Oct and lasted a week then was gone. This time its been 2 weeks and continuous.  I have an MRI in the morning and Colonoscopy 5 Mar.  Im 32 years old, helathy, active (as much as I can be), im also 100% disabled Veteran with Traumatic Brain Injury in 2006 and a Compressed S1 Vertebre from 2002.  The pain which started in my lower back has spread up my spine midway up my lumbar. Is there a possibility my problems could somehow be from multiple problems and not Spinal Metastases/ colon?  Do my symptoms coincide with cancer? What are some things that I might need to prepare for? Ive read that it can beaten with rounds of chemo, but ive also read from survivors that years later they developed cancer again in the colon and other places and faster than the first time. Thank you for any information and help and I pray for everyone who is fighting this and treatments. 


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    Welcome to the forum!   We

    Welcome to the forum!   We are sending our thoughts and prayers for you healing and strength.  


    There is not enough information for anyone to tell you, Yes that iis cancer, or, no that is not cancer.  Cancer responds different by variation of cancer, location of cancer, and each individual.   Some do really well on Chemo, and some get really sick on chemo.   There are even many types of chemo, that have different side effects.


    I would say that you are doing it right and getting tested as fast as posible will help in your outcome.  With any chronic disease there can be reoccurences. Diet, exercise, and good mental health will play a large part in your recovery.  There are supplements that add to the bodies immune system abaility to fight off disease.  There are also a lot of Jerks out there with miracle cures, or miiracle machines that will gladly take your money.  if it seems to good to be true, it most likely is trying to take your money.


    Diet - Med Diet or Veggie Diet will help a lot!   This will reduce the stress on your body and allow your body more of the micro and macro nutrients that your body needs under the stress of a chronic disease.  We still eat red meat just once a month.  We eat chicken a couple of times a week.  Low fat, no chemicals, no fast foods, or preprocessed foods will help you a lot.


    Exercise - Do as much as you can when you can. A walk around the block is better then sitting on one's hiney all day long.  No matter how sick I felt after surgery or chemo, I always felt better after a walk.   I have got up to several miles every day at around 8 min a mile.  I started out at 20 min a mile.


    Mental health - Get out and enjoy life!  Find what makes you happy and do that!  Leave the stress and anger behind.  The focus is now on how to survive and live life!  Join a club, church, or some group that can help bring you peace.


    Keep up the good fight!

    Best Always,  mike

    PS  Keep in touch with you status and we can answer more questions for you then.


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    MarshallUSMC ...

    I am glad that you have come to ask your questions here as you will find many individuals who will help you …

    You stated that you have an MRI in the morning.  Until you get this MRI and the colonoscopy results you have scheduled for March your questions will be impossible to answer.  Until then, try to just breathe and not borrow worry … as difficult as that may be … try to just be in the moment.  A doctor cannot say with confidence what is causing your back pain without testing and since you stated you also have a history of vertebra problems perhaps there is a connection.

    It is simply too early to tell.  I hope that you can rest and be at some ease until your testings are completed.  I am sorry to hear of your TBI … thank you for your service to our country.

    If you do receive a diagnosis of colorectal cancer, please update us so that we can provide support to you through your journey.   Your youth and general good health will help you stay strong should you require chemotherapy. Colorectal cancer can be both treatable and beatable … just wait though until your condition is diagnosed … don’t worry, we will be here for you should you need our support. 

    Peace. ~ Cynthia