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The good news is that the liver and the lungs are clear. The bad news is that there is some abnormality in my left seminal vesicle, which is a gland next to the prostate. The doctor says it is very rare that rectal cancer would spread into this gland, especially since my cancer was far away from this area, but anything is possible and could be just the consequence of radiation or surgery. I'm gonna have a consultation with the surgeon on the 7th and he may order a PET scan.

Of course I'm concerned and my wife is very nervous too.

Any thoughts?




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    I'm glad to hear that your liver and lungs are in good shape.  As for the abnormality seen in the gland, it seems to me this could very likely be effects of radiation, but that's just my layman's opinion.  I hope your doctor will order the PET scan for you to further determine what it is.  I certainly hope you don't have to undergo surgery, as I'm sure you are just now feeling recovered from the last one.  I really hope this will turn out to be nothing of concern for you.  Please keep us posted on what the surgeon says and what is next for you, my friend.  Take good care and know that I send you positive thoughts and prayers.

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    I'm sorry that you are once again playing the waiting game. I don't know much of this gland other than I have heard it mentioned in reference to my dad. He was treated for prostate cancer with surgery over 20 years ago. Last year he began having some urinary concerns along with an elevated PSA count so had a CT scan. I do not have the report at my house but remember some verbage and concern about the seminle vesicle. He is 83 years old and was more or less put on a watch and see schedule. When he was scanned again in 6 months the scan came back all clear.

    Like Martha, I would not be at all surprised if the abnormality is radiation related......it sure has done a number on my girly parts both inside and out!

    I will have you in my thoughts and prayers that this is a minor glitch in the path and you will continue to move forward in health.

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    I am sorry you have to wait to get the all clear. It could certainly be a result of the radiation. Try not to worry. We are all in God's hands. I will remember you in my prayers. I pray that your scan shows no evidence of cancer. Hang in there!
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    Will you be in LB for your appt?

    Hi Laz,

    Surgery and rad can do a number on everything in that area. Will you be coming to LB to meet with your surgeon? Maybe your wife, you, and I could finally meet if that is the case.