Hi all, just a heads up that clinical trials on 3-bromopyruvate(3-BrPa) have begun, & are scheduled to move forward at a significantly fast pace. The company, PreScience Labs, has received fda IND approval to begin human trials, and said trials were scheduled to begin recruiting patients as of Jan 2014.


Hopefully, this will be the beginning of a new age in curing or at least treating breast, lung, pancreatic and ovarian cancers with long term remission as the goal in the not too distant future.


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    Hi my husband was interested

    Hi my husband was interested in finding this option do you know where we can find out how to apply for this?

  • richardwong
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    3-BP Clinical trial; any progress?

    Any body know how to enter the clinical trial using 3-BP? I have a desperate need for a good friend who has failed on chemo & radiotherapy. His oncologist suggest giving up all aggressive treatment!