signet ring cell stomach cancer recurrence with ascites

anusha Member Posts: 5

hi my dad was diagnosed with stomach cancer in april gastrectomy followed by 6 cycles of chemo with oxaliplatin and epirubicin he developed ascites and the doctors say there are no more options left...only palliative ...has anyone taken chemotherapy and responded positively with cancer remmission?? we are very confused whether to go for further chemo or not..he is very weak with dysphagia and very low hemoglobin...


  • JennySC
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    Hi, anusha,

    Praying and thinking of you and your dad! Please ask your dad to never give up!

    I have met a few people who live as cancer free after being on chemos and surgeries. When my husband was diagnosed of the same type of stomach cancer, it was stage IV and it spreaded to his lung, so the chemos were palliative.

    The chemos did buy us some quality time before the cancer took the worse turn 1 month before his passing. He battled the cancer without surgery for about 1 year. As your dad has got the surgery, his options are chemos and radiations. Besides the EOX your dad had 6 cycles, there were other chemos including Folfox. Please check with his doctors or seek a second opinion as soon as possible.