OT - Senior Olympics - Anyone done them?

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With watching the Winter Olympics, I was thinking about the Summer Olympics in 2 years and then thought of Senior Olympics.  Has anyone ever done them?  What sort of events/classes do they have?

Thinking it might be fun to try but I'm afraid that the sports I 'do' might not be included.   Bicycling and skating might be but I doubt they have riding (Dressage to be specific) or shooting (pistol and rifle) or archery.  Track and field type events are not an option for me - when I got out of the Army, I swore I'd never run again unless my life depended on it - thankfully that has never happened - so run on my own 2 legs I don't.

Any experiences/thoughts?

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    NO experience but i'll check

    NO experience but i'll check back to see if anyone replies..