Waiting for 3rd biopsy path report


Whew. Where do I start? This has been so difficult. My husband Tim is 54yo and has a failed RUL VATs turned open partial thoracotomy on Jan 22nd, 2014. 80% of his RUL was removed due to excessive bleeding when they attempted to do a wedge resection to biopsy a 2.4 cm spiculated nodule. This was discovered incidentally on a cxr. Following a CT scan, a hot PET scan for the nodule and nearby lymph nodes, a needle guided  CT biopsy (neg) and an EBUS (neg), our CT surgeon was still 100% convinced this was cancer. So he scheduled the VATs and said we will get the diagnosis from this. Tim had complications during the surgery and after- he didn't wake up from the anesthesia and ended up in the ICU on a vent overnight and of course the additional recovery from converting to an open procedure. The preliminary report during the surgery was no cancer. He said 3 pathologists looked at it and he is baffled. They were going to send it out for consult because they have no idea what it is. So when my husband had his surgical follow up appt the dr said he'd call when the results came back and that Tim could follow up in a year. So its been almost a month now and no word. I am just dumbfounded. Thrilled that it's not cancer but just amazed that my husband went through so much when the dr was convinced it was cancer to "just be happy it's not cancer" And to still have no idea what it was. Tim is still in pain and short of breath every day- no more than to be expected for the surgery he had but nonetheless a constant reminder. Has anyone else been through this?  


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    OMG!   Where did these

    OMG!   Where did these biopsies take place?  You need to get a second opinion even if its only a remote second opinion at an NCCN affilliated hospital/learning institution.  


    Call your surgeons office everyday demanding the results be explained to you.  at the worst it should take a week to get the results back.  You can pick up a copy of that report or have it sent to you.  It's best that a dr reads it first.