Tumor Markers negative


Had my "full monty" today (perjeta, herrceptin and taxol).  Saw my onco and she says tumor markers are negative and the clinical exam was negative.  Soo, she says the 7th I go for PET SCAN and - and only IF- it is as she thinks it is, I will finish this cycle and won't have to do the chemo anymore (at least for  a while if the cancer comes out of remission).  I will still do the perjeta and herceptin and I will get a pill.  So, I am hoping this great news holds up.  Pray for me! I'm doing okay with this new regimen of drugs.  Get real tired on Mondays, but my nurse says it's because I know I'm going there Tuesday.  There may be something to that.


  • aisling8
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    That's really good news!



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    Congratulations on good news!

    And let's hope it stays that way! Good luck on PET scan!