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Don't think I posted on 'all clear' on golf ball sized diameter polyps in uterus.  Done and dusted.  Caused or made worse by anti estrogens. So if you have unusual bleeding please get it checked out just in case ladies.  Also if tooth sensitivity seems worse or started after chemo or anti estrogen treatment again have it checked out.  Before root canals are offered a panoramic X-ray will show if you have jaw bone disease caused again by different things but also chemo and Tamoxifen.  Route canals do not help until tooth is completely dead, otherwise pain still carries on because the disease kills bone first then the tooth.  The first sign of something is not right us when a route canal is done and tooth is the same, how can that be..........  Then it is diagnosed way down the line.  Now wearing splint day and night and is working.  I have a floating jaw so double whammy.  The blood is now flowing to the bone rejuvenating the dead areas.  For the first time in years I haven't got anything to moan about..........  




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    Happy Valentine's Day to you

    Happy Valentine's Day to you too.


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    checking back for

    checking back for update..


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    Wahoo!!!  So happy that

    Wahoo!!!  So happy that things are better.  I have had jaw osteonecrosis for months now, but mine has, so far, just been a persistent small area of bone exposure.  It has gotten no better and no worse and I am told that that is good news.  On a bisphosphonate holiday and doing twice a day chlorhexidine rinses.  Hoping my blood is improving to my jaw too.  Big hugs and prayers!