multiple myeloma relapsed - treat with Velcade need your advise



My Mom is 73, diagnosed multiple myeloma in 2014.
she was treated with:
V.A.D + steroid
+ radiation spinal column )D2
after that she got Thalidomide + steroid for 5 years and aredia for 3 years.
She suffers from neuropathy. Osteoporosis and Hypothyroidism.
After that remission for 5 years

last month they did blood test & CT pet and found that multiple myeloma is relapsed.
she must start treatment immediately.
The want to give her Velcade injections in two weeks - 4 injections.

I would like your advise:
1. do you think Velcade is the right one for her? We heard there are new treatments: Kyprolis, Carfilzomibe do you have any idea what we need to ask the doctors?
2. any one has a similar story that can tell us some tips?
thank you in advanced


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    Velcade is used in all stages

    Velcade is used in all stages of myeloma.


    When used for as first-line treatment, Velcade is typically used in combination with dexamethasone, another anti-myeloma drug, or as part of a 3-drug combination. Examples of commonly used 3-drug combinations include Velcade-Revlimid-dexamethasone (VRD) or Velcade-cyclophosphamide-dex (VCD or CyBorD/Cybord).


    Velcade is used alone or in combination with a variety of anti-myeloma drugs for the treatment of relapsed and/or refractory myeloma.


    When used as maintenance therapy, Velcade has also been shown to improve response rates following initial therapy, with or without high-dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplant, in early studies.


    Velcade continues to be studied in combination with other approved myeloma drugs and in combination with new drugs in development. (source: