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Has anyone had a positive response with this medication? My father is on it, as he had a reaction to casodex. Just want to see what your thoughts are or if you would recommend something difference.  He is advanced with bone mets and has had an orchiectomy


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    Interchanging antiandrogens


    Flutamide is an older drug and belongs to the group of antiandrogens, which drugs are commonly interchanged in the treatment of prostate cancer. Doctors substitute one by another when there is no good clinical effect or when the symptoms are unbearable. Patients have reported differences among these drugs. Casodex (bicalutamide) seems to be the one with lesser complications (?). In any case, the effects of these drugs also depend on the power (mg) taken daily.

    I would recommend you to discuss with his doctor in changing to still another antiandrogen if Flutamide has bad response or if the effects of the Casodex is repeated. I took Cyproterone acetate when at my initiation of HT because it is known to be effective in treating hot flashes ( a common side effect in hormonal treatments) apart of treating PCa.

    Here is a link to a list of antiandrogens sold in USA;

    For Cyproterone acetate;

    Best wishes.

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    Cyproterone Acetate, or CPA is not available in the USA.

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    No experience with this one

    No experience with this one but my husband also went refractive on bicalutamide after just a few months (Nadir was 0.24). The onc. pulled him off bicalutamide and the PSA went up to 3.2 then 6.8. He then went on nilutamide and it has dropped back (after one month) to 2.4.  He has remained on degarelix all this time but the bicalutamide must have been acting as a fuel.