Insurance considerations.

Since my family is just in the beginning stage looking for systemic RCC treatment I am wondering if we are going to come across issues with insurance.  And i know all insurance is different, but I am curious if any roadblocks with insurance were a problem for anyone here. My dad has medicare and anthem (don't know the details of that plan).

Does insurance sometimes limit their coverage to only a subset of the therapies available? Can insurance dictate the order you can receive drugs in (for example, you need to fail at one therapy first before moving to the next?) 

How does insurance work with clinical trials? Do participants in clinical trials receive financial assistance or have any of the costs already covered by the study funds themselves?

And lastly, if you happen to be one of those people who had difficulty with your insurance, can you share any words of wisdom on how you worked around it? 

Many Thanks. Shamrock






  • GSRon
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    Hi Shamrock

    I keep hearing that Medicare pretty much covers everything.. and with a supplimental all should be good.  Plus it depends on who is doing the treatments. In my case I was told that they would take Medicare as 100% payment.  That is likely very unusual, but good to know, once I get on Medicare in two years.

    On clinical trials, well.. some pay for everything, some bill partially to insurance.

    Yes sometimes there are insurance issues, but even then people can appeal.

    So far I am very lucky, insurance wise.. most of my bills have been paid fast and easy... with small deductables.

    Good Luck...