49, no symptoms, abnormal pap, D&C polyp result positive - what should I ask my gyn oncologist at vi

Hello everyone.  So happy to have found this forum. I know you be such a valuable resource and support for me. 


My main reason for posting is that I want to know what to ask my gyn onc when I see him this week, pre hysterectomy. What would be helpful for me to know at this early stage? I know he did blood work when I went in for the D&C because the nurse did several blood draws. Not sure what she was checking other than blood type and metabolic panel. 


I am at the very beginning of this cancer journey. Quick backstory:  I am already post menopausal at age 49.  Had a blessedly easy and early menopause. Have not have any spotting or discharge of any kind in the past 5 years. Typcially have clean paps, though I did have some dysplasia about 10 years ago and it was treated in office. I have no concurrent health issues. 


Went to gyno for yearly checkup in January. All seemed normal but pap came back AGUS.  Gyno right on top of that. Called me at home, after calling a gyn oncologist herself, and told me I had an appt the very next day with oncologist!  My gyno is a cancer survivor herself and a friend so she tends to be aggressive. 


Gyn onc did pelvic, didn't see or feel anything but concerned about AGUS.  He thought it was unusual that I would have no bleeding (if the problem were uterine) and scheduled me for vag US.  That came back clean. Ovaries and tubes looked great. Nothing showing on cervix or uterus.  


He scheduled D&C. Said cervix looked normal. He did not see anything of concern except for a few polyps. He removed those. He sent one to lab during D&C and it came back negative. He was cautiously optimistic and said I would need to be followed closely and often on paps. 


Then we got the surprising result from the lab that another one of the polyps was positive for cancer.  Doc called me on Friday and said I would need hysterectomy and I have an appt with him this week. 


What do I ask him?  How do I prepare for this operation?  I asked him about Da Vinci on the phone but he appeared doubtful I would be a candidate. Not sure why.  We will talke about that more at the appt. 


Thanks everyone!






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    If you had to pick, early is the best

    Wow, I think the other ladies may be able to chime in with a lot of suggestions but having a gyn who didn't wait and sent you to a gyn/onc is great! 

    If you don't have any real health issues I would be really curious why he doesn't think you are a good candidate for DaVinci.  Also, with all the blood taken I wonder if they tested for the marker CA125.  It is one of the numbers we all watch in the "below the belt" cancers.

    Please let us know.  The amazing women here may not comment, but they are "here".  They will step up to help if you ask.

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    DaVinci/CA 125

    Hi, Dee,

    definitely find out why he doesn't think DaVinci as that is so much easier on you.  Had it done in November for radical hysto and was so glad I insisted on it.  Just 5 little 1 inch incisions and you can go home from the hospital day after.  Not all Drs are able to do this method and if he/she doesn't, find someone who knows how.
    In my town there was not a GYN/ONC surgeon who could, so went to Tampa General and was lucky enough with the referral to get the head of the Dept.

    Also, make sure that they do a CA 125 marker test.  Neither my GYN here after diagnosis or my surgeon in Tampa apparently did one.  Only discovered this at my first chemo when I asked about it and it couldn't be found.  So we did it then.  Even though all was taken out in November and other than in the uterus, cells in one lymph node and ovary, nothing else was found, my CA 125 count in February is 100.  It's high so we will be watching it throughout the chemo and radiation.  It's important to have a baseline marker!!!

    Did you also have a PET scan?  They only do that if they diagnose cancer.  It's important as it images all the areas of the body by radio-active waves and they can tell precisely.  So make sure you get that prior to surgery and have them show it to you.

    I also found out that my polyp was cancerous after a D/C and couldn't have been more shocked since it was supposed to be benign.  But they never know until they actually get everything out.

    Don't panic, but get it done asap.
    Fingers crossed for you.  All best.

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    Thanks everyone. Just had the

    Thanks everyone. Just had the meeting and it went great!