Anyone ever hear of Doxorubicin (Adriamycin)?

Eliezer2 Member Posts: 85

Got a bizarre email out of the blue (no idea how they got my name) from a company calling itself "Eurasia" offering vaious inhibitors, including Sutent and Doxo, which evidently is experimental.   I am suspicious.  ANyone know anything about this stuff?


  • Srashedb
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    you are right to be suspicious; that is a chemo used to treat very aggressive breast cancer 20 years ago.

    i think it was nicknamed red devil for its color and the horrible side effects. I don't know if it is stil used or how effective it was.


  • NorcalJ
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    I'd be very suspicious of the co. popping up out of the blue, but I got adriamycin for stage 3 invasive breast cancer 6 years ago, and they're still using it.  Yes, it's called Red Devil because of the color and side effects---but many  have been helped!  I guess it worked for me, but, unfortunately, I'm back looking at this board in a new area due to rt.hydronephrosis, and last year was diagnosed with breast cancer mets to the left adrenal---oral chemo working well.

    Talk to your doc---trials don't come to you, you are referred to them by reputable sources after your own inquiries.

    Good Luck,