9 months post treatment and bleeding


Hello everyone, My MIL had radiation for 6 weeks and two rounds of Chemo in May of 13 for anal cancer. The cancer is gone and all of her checkups have been good. She often complains of hemorhoids and some pain back there and often has a little bit of blood when she wipes. Is this cause for concern? I have mentioned it all to her DR. but the problem is when we are in the office she always down plays it and makes it seem like it is nothing when at home she is crying because of it and scared. She says the blood isnt bad just a little on the tissue when she wipes. when the DR doees her exams he never seen any external hemorhoids and there are no masses or anything back there so I am wondering what could be causing this. I dont know what to do because i know if i call and make another appointment for her and take her in when the dr asks her about it she will say oh it doesnt hurt that bad and the bleeding only happneded once when in fact she told us yesterday it has been happening almost every day. She just had a checkup with the DR 3 weeks ago and said everything is fine? Any suggestions on what could be causing this and what i should do?


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    Bleeding is the normal here.  I bled every day for a year in mythird year of recovery.  Now going into the fourth year, a bit once a week or so.  Gas, hard stools, and anal,pain and itching all part of my life. She is in need of sympathy and support mostly.  People cry out in different ways.  A few I'm sorry you had to go thru this and are still going thru and a hug occasionally for the next few years will do wonders!  This is a hard road to travel with a lot of up and downs and some scary stuff along the way.

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    You are so kind to come here with concern for your MIL. Although it seems like a long time, this recovery is an ongoing process. Bleeding is absolutely normal at this point and may always be. I have an ostomy so my anal area does not get use, but even so still bleed on occasion just from the radiation damage. I do have sort of a mucus drainage so wear a pad 24/7. The tissue in that area has been horribly burned and the scar tissue that remains is very sensitive. If the bleeding becomes heavy or clot like it may be more of a concern to her doctor, but many here experience daily light bleeding.

    I wonder if you show her these posts she may feel more reassured????

    I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers for good health.

    Be well.