What makes you feel good?


Some mornings I wake up feeling so bad that all I want to do is to crawl back into bed and cover my head to shut the world out. I don’t know why it’s all part of my new normal I guess. But I have found that when I am feeling down if I open the kitchen window and look at the squirrels playing in my back yard, it somehow makes me feel better.

They are amazing little creatures, so when you wake up not having a very good day, find something in nature and see if it helps you to feel better

God Bless

Tim Hondo


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    I have been feeling awful of late, very miserable, just not finding joy in anything and so I decided to look for things I could feel grateful about, like a dry warm bed on those wet windy nights, a hot cup of tea, heating in the aparment.  Okay I don't do well with the cold but it did get me focusing on how fortuntate I am to have the basics.  And I guess for me, it is because I have witnessed such extreme poverty over long periods of time I get how bad things can really be.

    Another things is a music video of a lve performance of a group of world class Malian (african) musicians playing with world class Cuban musicians.  Not only is the music just superb but how much fun they are all having performing, how playful and how much they are enjoying what they are doing, that is the part that does it for me.   A reminder, we can play and enjoy in an uninhibited way.   Surrender to the moment.

    I agree Hondo, nature really has its magic.  A simple thing, the hummingbird perched on the branch, the water droplets on the flowers after the rain ... the transient clouds ......  It is often in the small things, noticing those details.  

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    Hi Mariam


    I am so happy to see you still here on CSN as so many of our friends have left; I hope they are doing well and enjoying life. I too have a problem with the cold weather as I am only 145lbs, I once was 230lbs but that will never be again. I have worked in Africa for a few years and know the poverty you are speaking of, and my heart just goes out to them because they have nothing. I hear people here in the US complaining about the government not giving them more and I think, if they went to Africa and seen how people lived there they would be happy to get anything.

    This week-end was bad for me just did not feel very well but when I woke up this morning things seem to be a lot better. I too enjoy good music as I find it has a way of relaxing me and changing my mood when it is not so good. I guess it is all part of our new normal, trying to find what makes us feel good and trying to stay positive.


    I wish you well and thank you for being a friend.

    Tim Hondo

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    My mom's cooking never fails

    My mom's cooking never fails to make me happy and full :)