I posted a while ago that I was dx with triple negative breast cancer in 2010. Had Chemo, surgery, radiation and then chemo again. After 9 months of being in the parp trial. I was told I was done for now. Then 9 months later a small spot on the linning of my lung was found that was in 2012. i began avastine and abraxtine. Did very well spot had not changed. I was on this cocktail for a 1 1/2 years, the chemo began to beat down my body. Because there was no change my doctor discontinued the avastine. 3 months later a small spot was found on my  liver, that was Dec 2013. My doctor re introduced the avastine for 1 month. I had CT scan done and while it showed no change in the current spots another very small spot has appeared on my liver.


My doctor feels that my body has adjusted tof the avastine and now wants me to do either trail medications or carboplatine gzem cocktail. if I do the trail I will have to travel to IL, or TX I live in Indiana.


i'm not sure what to do anyone had success with these meds???




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    Gosh what a journey you are

    Gosh what a journey you are having.  Hoping someone else can help you with this.  I had no experience like yours.  What a fighter you are.  Good luck.

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    Gosh what a journey you are

    Gosh what a journey you are having.  Hoping someone else can help you with this.  I had no experience like yours.  What a fighter you are.  Good luck.

    Hi Shannon

    Hi Shannon,

     I am very sorry that you have been undergoing Chemo for several years now.

    While  I also have progression My experience is different, since my disease is spread to the bones. Initially I was streated with Taxotere+ Cytoxan combo. Second time around I was on oral 5 FU - Xeloda for 9 months, than in clinical trials  experimental drug BKM120 for 6 months and now on antiestrogen Faslodex. I keep researching other options because I understand that I will be put back on Chemo.

    As far as I understand Gemzar is a tough Chemo which causes low WBC and RBC very often. Some other medication like Eribulin, which is new can be usefull too. Did you have biopcy for your liver? Sometimes triple negative can change to Her2+. I know it very unpleasant procedure, however can help with ttreatment if cancer cells mutated. 

    I could not tolerate experimental drug BKM 120, which was in phase 3 clinical trial,

    I wish you to find treatment which put you into remission. Please keep us posted. We Do Care



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    I am not triple neg, but just

    I am not triple neg, but just wanted to tell you how very sorry I am to hear about the hard time you have had.  It just sucks!  I don't know what to say except that I care.  Please let us know what you decide.  Sending gentle cyber hugs.

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    I believe doing the trial is a decision only you can make with the help of your oncologist or you might ask for a local 2nd opinion.

    In 1994, when diagnose I was offered 3 choices, one was a trial going on in Boston.  My Cancer Center was sort of under them and I would received the drug locally but all the data and questions would be answered by Boston.  I decided not to do the trial and took CMF.  Needless to say the chemo didn't work and for the next 18 years I took hormonal drug therapy as I was ER positive.

    The name of drug on trial at that time was Taxol.  At that time, Taxolf was only for ovarian cancer. It will be a year this month since I have been on Taxol.  I only wish that I had choosen the trial on Taxol in 1994.  Who knows, I might never had had a recurrence.

    Good luck on your decision and do keep us inform.

    Best to you,


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    Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and feedback.


    I think I am going to do a trial. They have one here in my city, so I won't have to travel. I can hope that by doing the trail it will put my cancer into remission and help others.


    I have read where many people say have a biopsy, so I think I am going to request one. Maybe it is Her2 and not triple neg. That will help my chances.


    Keep me in your prayers and you all are in mine. I will keep you posted.