Casodex strange results

I have previously posted about my experience with Casodex  (bicalumide) 50mg.

20 months after IMRT my PSA doubled in 3 months and then started rising fast to 9.5

Since I can not tolerate HT . Dr Reccomended 50mg Casodex daily. But after about 8-9 days I got very sick and stopped.

Then I had my PSA taken 3 weeks after I stoped the casodex and it had plummeted from 9 to 5. This seems like good news. Although the results seem very strange to me. I wonder how long my PSA will stay dowm.  If it does so for a while perhaps I could take intermittant Casodex. ie. a week on and three weeks off and avoid the side effects. Any Ideas



  • VascodaGama
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    Lower PSA and lesser side effects. If the results are good why not going for the intermittent aproach?

    You could even try two weeks on, two weeks off to see if that would still improve the results.

    This is my lay opinion but I would do it if in your shoes.

    Best wishes.